Grand Valley State University: APR Program Card Design

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) is located in Allendale, Michigan, and is 'home' for more 25,000 students (nine months out of the year) and hosts over 120 degree options. One of those career paths is GVSU's Department of Communications and its Advertising & Public Relations (APR) major.

PLB was asked to develop a design for a piece of print used by faculty and staff members. The negative space in intended for the individual to write a personal message to his/recipient. The communication bubbles, or thought bubbles, are to signify a conversational transaction; to signify the conversation of 'I'm wanted to say this to you in hopes of continuing our conversation.' The variation in weight and size of the typeface signifies one's effort to get another's attention (similar to a tap on the shoulder or an increased volume of voice). The proximity of the copy on the front of the card is a part in play with the weight and size of the typeface, and also in part to represent fluidity of communication.

The logos on the back of the card were pre-developed (non-PLB work) and provided by the APR program. Copywriting on the back of the was created by PLB. The blue color used for one the HEY's is GVSU blue.

The piece is used to promote the APR program within the Department of Communications and across the university. The piece may be used to write an important note, a thank-you, a congratulations, or any other message the sender wishes.


ART DIRECTOR: Chelsie Wyse
DESIGNER: Chelsie Wyse