Heavenly Hemp

Note: The following advertisements were created in a classroom setting for a fictitious company.

We, as viewers and observers of the world, are drawn to things that look and behave just a little differently than the norm. PLB decided to take this finding and use common images and or behaviors and mix them with something unfamiliar/out-of-place.

The tone of these messages is intended to be bold and satirical. The copy is uncomplicated, intentional with the effects of the products sold at Heavenly Hemp. The intention is for the ad to be smart enough for users of the product to understand the ads' double meanings. We chose a 1950s/1960s era due to its commitment to traditional values and standards of living. Using modern settings would not give the ads as much of an impact as the vintage images do.



ART DIRECTOR: Chelsie Wyse
DESIGNER: Chelsie Wyse