Patagonia (Side Project)

Patagonia is a world-known outdoor gear and clothing supply company. Its mission is to provide quality, sustainable products while staying kind and true to the environment. Patagonia accomplishes this by manufacturing many of its items from recyclable materials.

These advertisements were developed in a classroom setting at Grand Valley State University. The assignment was to design two (2) print advertisements of a company/organization of choice. At PLB, we believe in sustainability and being kind to the environment, hence our choice of Patagonia as our brand. The product we chose to highlight is the brand's rain jackets.

Upon researching the brand, we discovered Patagonia's biggest competitor is The North Face. We decided to take the bold and the more 'hardcore' adventurous attitude of The North Face and infuse it with the sustainability and environment conscious attitudes of Patagonia's brand. The ads are targeted to individuals who are heavily active, at work and in personal life, and are in search of something to perform as strongly and boldly as they do.



ART DIRECTOR: Chelsie Wyse
DESIGNER: Chelsie Wyse