Steve Volkers - Brand Development

Steve Volkers is a Grand Rapids-based real estate consultant, challenging the cookie-cutter templates of real estate marketing. Volkers came to Pretty Little Bow (PLB) requesting a design to help him stand out from the sea of head shots and overused typefaces.

PLB created a new signature for Volkers which serves as the centerpiece for the design. Volkers is known for his quirky sense of humor and his enthusiasm for learning. The design communicates both of these characteristics, from the smooth, sleek lines of the signature to the grown-up serifs of Georgia Regular.

In addition to the typography, the design is complimented with a silhouette of Volkers' eyeglasses. This serves as the design's "eye rest," giving the viewer a break between text and a visual recall after meeting with Volkers.

For the card's reverse side, PLB was met with an all-too-familiar challenge: strategically placing a lot of information on a standard card. We decided to play with balance and make the design behave like a scale. We encased the corporate logo in a solid color box to balance out the weight of the text on the right side of the card.

A slender, single line outlines the entire design on both sides to help prevent the design "free-falling."

If you'd like to see this design in-person, we encourage you to give Steve Volkers a call. Witty conversation and fresh, roasted coffee are his meeting signatures.



ART DIRECTOR: Chelsie Wyse
DESIGNER: Chelsie Wyse